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Who’s the happiest of them all? GIS has the answer

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GIS Training being offered at Deccan Consultants, Bhopal

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Have you considered the option of getting trained in GIS. If you are an officer who wants to use GIS in your department, or a student who wants to learn GIS,  there are 3 level courses being offered that cover everything from basics to map making, spatial analysis, imagery interpretation and analysis. The course will be certified and the duration is 1 week for each level and is being conducted at the premises of Deccan Consultants in Bhopal.

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Trends GeoSocial Universe

Hello everyone! Welcome to the world of Geospatial trends!

Now some of you reading this may a lot about trends and some of you may not, so we’re going to attempt to enlighten all of you.

Here goes

Meaning of Geospatial?

Google it (yes I’m googling it)


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We know you’re probably experts in googling so lets not get into that.

here are some of the trends as of 3/May/2015 Have a look. The websites references have also been given.

Lets get you started and help you shift through the content on GIS

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Yes Geospatial Trends are everywhere. Think life and you have GIS connected to it.

This was a peek at GeoSocial Universe. Have a look at this and let us know what you think!

More later